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People in wheelchairs can play sports.

There are a wide range of sports to choose from and can even compete in tournaments in some of those sports. Continue reading to learn more about some wheelchair sports, also known as adaptive sports.

Basketball is one of the most famous sports for wheelchair users.

The rules remain the same except for double dribble, it was modified where players are only allowed to touch their wheels twice between dribbling the ball. The players play in a manual wheelchair with special wheels that allow them to have more control and makes it more difficult to be tilt over.

Other sports that are popular and have been around for a long period of time is Tennis thanks to Brad Parks who started it back in 1970.

However, this sport is not accessible to many because adaptive equipment is needed in order to maneuver and maintain balance. The equipment has to be in great shape to ensure it functions properly. The rules also remain the same with the exception of a double bounce on the player's side.

Some sports are far more dangerous than others yet remain popular such as Motocross.

Wheelchair users are able to perform various tricks such as the ones BMX contestants perform and are able to compete around the world. Other popular wheelchair sports are speed sailing and water skiing contestants can win metals as well. Speed sailing consists of controlling an adaptable sailing boat, one must wear a life vest and take on board necessities to sail across the ocean. Water skiing, on the other hand, requires a specially equipped wheelchair that allows it to glide above the water as it is pulled behind a boat with an extension to hold on to. Similar to water skiing there is snow skiing where a similar equipment is used but on snow that allows the competitors to show off their skills.

Wheelchair racing

Wheelchair racing is a top competitor sport where wheelchair users have a tricycle like a wheelchair with special wheels that allows them to reach top speeds. They use upper body strength to push themselves across the track for different distances. Depending on the competition entered obstacles vary and include ramps, rail riding, and stunting.

Two other sport similar to wheelchair basketball yet several differentiations are wheelchair soccer and rugby.

Wheelchair soccer is played on a basketball court and includes a goalie and five players in each team. Wheelchair soccer has a combination of basketball and handball rules. Rugby, on the other hand, has a combination of hockey, volleyball and basketball rules. It was first developed in 1976 and the wheelchair rugby federation was established in 1993.

There are many types of wheelchair sports.

Some of them are played in specialized manual wheelchairs while other can be done using electric wheelchairs. There many leagues and federations dedicated to adaptive sports support and awareness. Look to see if there are any local leagues near you today.

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