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Wheelchair users have many obstacles to overcome therefore seen as true champions in competitions such as marathons and sports. Unfortunately, not all wheelchair users are able to compete in marathons or sports due to physical conditions or special circumstances. On the other hand, many are able to compete. They typically must extensively train for hours.

Often times those with the most disabilities tend to want it the most and become true champions in the eye of the public. Having the drive to wake up to train hard on a daily basis can be difficult specifically when people demonstrate their doubt for success. The feeling of accomplishment is more satisfying than the placement itself.

Wheelchair Marathons were created to allow those without the incapability to run a marathon gain that satisfaction of accomplishment through competition. The marathon usually is held in major cities where many people come together. Many cities throughout the United States host wheelchair marathons for people to compete or simply to contribute to a cause. Many love to compete while others want a sense of accomplishment and a majority love to get along with many to be part of a cause.

Competing in a marathon

In order to compete in a wheelchair marathon, one must be in good health to ensure the safety of the individual. Good health is defined as a healthy heart or no conditions that prevent exercising extensively. Training is a must for marathons because it is often a long distance competition. Some may want to quit if no training was done prior to the day of competition.

Having the right equipment to train is crucial especially when competing with competitive athletes. The right equipment allows the individual to do the proper exercises to be the fastest and a true competitor in the race.

Types of wheelchairs for marathons

The type of wheelchairs used in wheelchair marathons is very different compared to the standard manual wheelchair. These type of wheelchairs can reach high speeds and are design so that competitors have the best balance possible and control while racing. They have three wheels two supporting the seat and the third is placed in front with a handle to allow the user to mauver where they want to go while in use.

People in wheelchairs can and have often competed in marathons, whether in a marathon specifically for a wheelchair user or not.

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