You are a Vet: How to Get Mobility Assistance from the VA

The Veterans Administration (VA) can help out if you are a veteran who has mobility assistance requirements. If you were injured during a conflict or if you are a Baby Boomer who is having a difficult time moving around on your own, the VA provides analysis, doctor prescribed treatment and monetary support.

In order to get the mobility equipment you require, you have to begin with a visit to your VA center. Your primary healthcare provider would need to recommend you to a VA clinician who would do an analysis on you to figure out if and what kind of mobility equipment you qualify for.

Mobility Options must be Determined

Once a determination has been made, your clinician will go through your mobility equipment options. It might be determined that all you would need is a cane. On the other hand, a wheelchair and a vehicle lift might be required. From initial contact to getting the required mobility equipment can be a lengthy process which can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Once you have received your mobility equipment, you can get follow up care by going back to your VA.

What Choices Do You Have?

Most likely the VA will give you a wheelchair or power scooter. Additionally, you might be entitled to a VA grant that will cover adaptive equipment like a wheelchair lift or in some cases even a vehicle.

Once you have received this kind of grant, you can take advantage of the driving rehab program which will help you get accustomed to entering, exiting and driving your vehicle.

It is also possible to get grants for home modifications that include things like adding an access ramp, making interior doorways wider and installing grab bars at various locations throughout your home. Vets who meet the qualification can get as much as $60,000.

Going through the process of getting the financial assistance needed for obtaining mobility equipment can be very confusing.  Your local mobility equipment store should have qualified staff that can help you through this complicated process.


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