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People who are coping with a disability face a multitude of challenges in their everyday lives. In fact, depending upon the severity and type of disability, the challenges can range from accessibility issues to workplace adaptability problems. However, one of the most troubling problems is the discrimination of the disabled. Over the course of time, disabled people have faced direct and indirect discrimination. There is direct discrimination in the form of employers not wanting to hire disabled people. The other form of discrimination is more subtle, but it is just as bad is indirect discrimination. This is where, due to accessibility issues or similar environmental constraints, disabled workers are unable to do the same job as the non-disabled.

To fight the issue of discrimination among disabled people, the government has provided legal help in the form of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as other similar legislations. These legal actions have helped allow disabled workers to have the same rights as the non-disabled. To learn more about the problems disabled workers have, here are some helpful websites:


Indeed, the workplace has been a big source of challenges for disabled people. The same workplace environment may not be a problem for non-disabled people as they are for the vision impaired, the hearing impaired, or workers with mobility issues. To make the workplace usable for the disabled, employers have had to make the equipment and facility be able to accommodate disabled workers.


There are ways that buildings, offices, and other public and non-public facilities have been changed to accommodate the needs of the handicapped. One of these accommodations is having doors that are accessible by wheelchair. Also, there are machines such as ATMs that have letters in Braille for the vision impaired. Finally, there are sound enhancements for the hearing impaired. These adjustments have been made to allow disabled people to enjoy all services available.


The problem of accessibility has been an issue for handicapped people. For example, wheelchair bound people going into a bank were not able to reach the teller counters. Problems such as this led for the push to make buildings and offices more accessible to all people. Creations such as down counters that allow people with wheelchairs the opportunity to conduct banking business have made it easier to access services.

The government has passed legislation that provides protection for disabled people to ensure that all people are treated the same and that discrimination does not occur. The laws now in place range from workplace laws to health laws to housing rules and regulations. While the problems of the disabled and handicapped have not gone away, they have been reduced over the past few decades. So, this will only make it easier for future generations of disabled people.


While this guide helps to provide information on disabled and discrimination issues, there are many more helpful sites available. Here are a few helpful general information sites to visit:

Finally, discrimination among the disabled has become less of a problem in recent years. With the passing of the Americans with Disability Act, the Rehabilitation Act, Fair Housing Act and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and many other vital laws and regulations, the disabled have had more rights and opportunities than ever before. While the situation for disabled people has improved, it is not perfect. The hope is that gains will continued to be made. Hopefully this leads to the ultimate goal of removing discrimination of disabled. This article is brought to you by 1800wheelchair; we offer wheelchair rampsrolling walkers,mobility scooters, & walkers.

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