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The aging population may find that as they grow older, there are many age specific legal issues that can arise. Elder law is an area of legal practice that places emphasis on legal topics that affect the elderly. This field of practice covers a wide range of issues facing the elderly and it is often recommended that senior citizens seek counseling and advice from lawyers certified in elder law. Because many elderly people are unable to handle their daily tasks by themselves, they may require assistance from other people from time to time. Their dependence on other people may lead to certain problems, some of which can only be solved legally. One of the most common problems that elderly people face is elder abuse. Presently, there are close to six million elder abuse cases in the United States every year, and these cases can come in the form of physical abuse, exploitation, neglect, and others. Elderly people may also seek out the help of a lawyer when making end of life arrangements. These can come in the form or planning wills, estates, funerals, power of attorneys and more. It is especially important that advanced health care decisions be made as well as funding for health care needs by obtaining medical insurance, medical compensation, income assistance and other income related support. The elder population also faces other hardships in the form of consumer issues. Unfortunately many senior citizens are taken advantage of and fall victim to fraud, identity theft and other crimes. Fortunately, there are laws in the country that provide adequate protection for elderly people, and it is important that elderly people know their legal rights. Look to the following resource guide for insight on important elder issues.

Advanced Health Care Decisions

Powers of Attorney

Wills, Trusts, and Estates


  • Funeral Pre-Planning Bill of Rights: A bill of rights for those who are planning to engage the services of a funeral home.
  • Prepaid Funeral Contracts: Frequently asked questions about prepaid funeral contracts and burial plots.
  • The Funeral Rule: A set of rules established by the Federal Trade Commission to protect consumers of funeral goods.
  • Funeral Decision-Making Rights: Find out who has the legal right to make decisions about a funeral.


  • The Legal Guardianship: Comprehensive information about legal guardianships.
  • Adult Guardianship Reports: List of reports showing the adult guardianship situation in the United States.
  • Guardianship Law Resources: A resource page with links to information related to elderly guardianship.

Medical and Health Insurance

Medicaid in Nursing Homes

  • Medicaid Nursing Home: Brief explanation of Medicaid nursing home.
  • Nursing Home Medicaid Eligibility: This document details the basic rules for nursing home Medicaid eligibility.
  • Medicaid Nursing Home Services: Studies on nursing home services that are Medicaid-financed.

Long Term Care Financing

  • Long Term Care Financing: An article that can help elderly people find the right long term care financing.
  • Long Term Care Private Financing: Options available for those who are seeking private financing for long term care.
  • The CLASS Act: An overview of the Community Living Assistance Services and Support program, or CLASS act.
  • Long Term Care Financing Information: Extensive information and statistical data on long term care financing.

Social Security

Income Assistance

Consumer Issues

Elder Abuse

  • Elder Abuse FAQ: Frequently asked questions about elder abuse.
  • Elder Abuse Laws: Federal and state laws that provide protection for victims of elder abuse.
  • Filing Financial Elder Abuse: Reasons why it is worthwhile to file a lawsuit for financial elder abuse.
  • Elder Abuse Reporting: This document reveals how laws regarding elder abuse vary from one state to another.
  • Elder Abuse Article: A journal article that offers an interesting insight into elder abuse laws.

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