So you’re preparing for the upcoming winter and you want to know how to push your chair through snow. Usually snow looks pretty amazing, when you are looking out a window in the comfort of your own home. But what about when you need to go out for errands or for work? How will you get through the snow?

It can be a very dangerous situation if you are propelling your wheelchair on your own with no assistance. One little wheel slip and you lose balance, finding yourself face down in the snow. In some situations, you can start moving about in the snow, but after a while you will find yourself stuck in the snow you’ve been raking in front of the chair.

This can be dangerous because you would lose the traction necessary to stay seated on a wheelchair while propelling.

Devices for Propelling in the Snow

There are some accessories available for wheelchair users in case they need to travel outdoors during winter when it is snowing. The first one I would mention is having anti tippers. Anti tippers are little arms with wheels that go behind the rear wheels to prevent the user from falling over backwards. As minimal as this may seem, this could be reason that you don’t crack your head open during a mishap.

Another device I would like to mention are what is called “wheel blades”. When propelling your wheelchair through snow you can use this device to emulate a snow machine. Basically you are preventing the front wheels from sinking into the snow while you are propelling the chair.

The simplest way to describe this device is to image that your wheelchair has now turned into a snow plough, wherever you propel in the snow, this device will create a smooth surface for your rear wheels to pass through.


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