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Cooking can be the most satisfying or the most annoying task to do; however, people who loves to cook will find it enjoyable. Having an ideal accessible kitchen would be the best way to go but it can be costly. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your passion. Below are tips and kitchen tools to make cooking accessible.


  1.  Be Organized. Declutter any unnecessary items to provide new space for things that you need. Make sure it is set up in a way that can be find easily. Store items in storage boxes and labeled them for organization.
  2.  Set up the things (ex: tools, seasonings, pans) that you need most around your cooking area. You won’t need to worry about getting them out from the cabinets.
  3.  Make sure there is enough space for wheelchair access. The idea space is 5x5 foot turning radius.
  4.  Having a stove top that allows you to slide off the pot or pan off the stove is easier to lift and remove hot items.
  5.  For wheelchair users, small appliances (ex: toaster oven, microwave) should be placed in reachable location such as low counter top or low open shelves.


accessible Kitchen Tools:

  1.  Can Opener – install a wall mounted can opener at a height that best fits you. You won’t need to worry about fidgeting with the can opener to get the can open anymore.
  2.  Utility Cart / Portable Moving Cart / Push Cart – Allows you to move kitchenware across the room when you want to move a heavy pot or several plates and bowls.
  3.  Chef’s Mat – The mat is a soft and rubbery for people who experience discomfort when standing for a long time. It can be move around wherever you’re working.
  4.  Food Processor – Best way to shred and slice food to prevent any unnecessary injuries. It is safer than handling knives.
  5.  Sink Faucet – A faucet that is hands free or electronic touch is convenient for everyone. It allows you to quickly wash your hands without worrying about turning on/off the faucet.



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