It could be distressing for both the elderly, as well as the people who care for them, to find out that your senior has to now make use of a wheelchair for mobility. Sitting in a wheelchair for an extended period is not a comfortable experience if you are being pushed or operating it on your own. There are certain steps you can take to make the wheelchair experience for your love one much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are some tips to help make your wheelchair bound love one more comfortable.

Proper Clothing

Most regular clothing isn’t well suited for people in wheelchairs. Zippers and other intricate or hard to use closures are not the best option for wheelchair users. Keep in mind that these closures can rub against the skin and be very uncomfortable and might even cause pressure ulcers. Velcro, pull-on clothes without closures and even ponchos are better clothing options for the wheelchair bound. There are clothing options specially designed for wheelchair users that allow them to look stylish and remain comfortable.

The Right Wheelchair

Not all wheelchairs are alike so you don’t have to choose the first one you come across. The selection is massive and you will be able to find one to suit the needs of your loved one. It is recommended that you always begin with the measurement of the user’s body. This will help you select the wheelchair that is perfect for their needs. A wheelchair that is the right size for your love one’s body type will go a long way to making their wheelchair experience comfortable.

Proper Support

There are various items that can help to make the wheelchair experience more comfortable for the elderly. Foot supports can help with circulation and good posture. Seat pads can make sitting for long periods much more comfortable. Selecting the right pad can help to prevent pressure ulcers and with modern materials, heat and vapor are kept away from the body. Waterproof pads are useful if incontinence is an issue as they help to protect the skin while keeping the wheelchair from being damaged.

Right accessories

Your loved one will feel much more comfortable in their wheelchair if they can access what they want when they need to. Accessories such as cup holders, lap pad (for working on) or even storage for magazines or handy work are available for most wheelchairs today. For those who use cushions, a wide variety of cushion covers are available to make sitting even more comfortable. These accessories can make the wheelchair experience more comfortable and enjoyable for your loved one while maintaining a level of independence.

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