For those who have problems standing or walking around, a mobility wheelchair is a great solution. There are different wheelchairs for people who have different mobility needs. Each chair has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The standard wheelchair that is manually operated had been around for a while and has been great a providing mobility for disabled individuals. These are the modern versions of the manual wheelchairs that have been around since the 1800s.

Mobility Wheelchair to Assist the Mobility Challenged Getting Around

Caregiver or Self Propelled

The user or someone pushing user is how these chairs are propelled. Manual wheelchairs are useful if the user isn’t going long distances. They can be tiring to push and are mostly used for moving people short distances.

Electric wheelchair sometimes called motorized wheelchairs, look much like manual chairs. They have a motor that is used to propel the chair using electrical power.

Long Commutes with an Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is great when the user has to travel long distances and gives the user more independence because they don’t need someone to push it from behind. Most of these motorized wheelchairs are fairly bulky and not very easy to maneuver.

Speciality wheelchairs are a lot like motorized wheelchairs but are usually made with lightweight parts like titanium and offer better mobility compared to regular wheelchairs. Athletes with disabilities have modified these wheelchairs so that they can be used in marathons.

Sports or Rigid Wheelchair

The sports varieties have bigger tires and are made to travel on uneven road surfaces.

The mobility chair is a fairly new kind of mobility wheelchair and has greater maneuverability compared to other kinds of wheelchairs. The look similar to small scooters and there are wheels fixed on the underside of the base and at the side of the floorboard.

They also have fairly big tires that come in handy when outdoors and having to traverse over rough terrains. These chairs are relatively heavy and they are difficult to transport. To get them into and out of a vehicle, you will need a fairly strong ramp or lift.

Mobility Electric Scooters

A special kind of mobility wheelchair that offers increased mobility is the scooter. They are made for the individual who will be using it for extended periods. They look like a moped with a seat and their motors are more powerful than electric wheelchairs.

Most of them come with a basket that can be used for carrying items around. These scooters are found mostly in malls or huge shopping stores to give mobility to disabled people who need to be mobile for long periods of time.


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