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Which dog is best suitable for a person in a wheelchair is typically answered subjectively. Many will say that the Golden Retriever or the Labrador is the best because they are the most well-known service breed. However, some will find that their energies levels may not be well matched with these breeds.
However, there are many options to choose from but the top 10 breeds discovered to be the best fitting are

Labrador Retrievers

Golden Retriever

Standard Poodles

German Shepherds


Doberman Pinschers

Bernese Mountain Dogs

“Bully Breeds” or bully breed mixes

The reason why these are the best fit comes down to Trainability, Traits, and Size.

Brace and mobility service dogs are a special type of assistant dog that is primarily trained to assist their disabled handler with their mobility. These dogs help individuals gain unprecedented levels of independence and freedom.


Braced and mobility dogs must be able to be trained so that they can remain focus and assist whenever it is needed. Many breeds can be trained to do tricks but not all breeds can accurately execute task their owner needs them to.


Certain traits needed by a braced and mobility dog are free of fear, timidity, anxiety, reactivity and most important aggression in any situation they encounter. If they have fear in any situation the owner can get hurt if the dog reacts by running or attacking. They have to be free of timidness in order to ensure that they can focus on helping the owner without distractions.

These dogs must also learn to not use their natural instincts like preying, fighting or playing. They have to be more relaxed and social but not lazy. At no point should this type of dog be aggressive towards any creature nor human; they must be friendly and remain focused at all time. The size of the dog is important as well because they must be able to assist the owner in tasks like getting up, opening doors or retrieving dropped items off the floor.

As far as all breeds the ones listed above are the ones that meet these qualities best. They have very important jobs and these type of breed tend to be the best at it, however, their needs must be met as well. Most dogs need plenty of exercise in order to remain healthy and hyperness low. Grooming is another thing to consider as some dogs need more grooming than others to maintain clean fur, glowing skin, good health.

Getting a dog

There are several groups that can help people in need of a braced and mobility service dog to ensure they are trained and ready to serve. It may be difficult to obtain a service dog on your own as they are priced high and it cost a lot to get them trained. In addition, these dogs need the top food supply in order to remain healthy to perform their jobs effectively and comfortably. Food supply provides healthy skin, fur, eyesight, hearing, and performance.

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