Buying a wheelchair to play sports

People who use wheelchairs can have fun and compete in wheelchair sports, tailored for active wheelchair users. Buy Sport Chairs

What Sports Can People In Wheelchairs Play

People that are wheelchair bound can have fun and compete in sports that are tailored to their abilities. Most wheelchairs related sports are adapted from some of the most popular sports. Wheelchair sports were first invented because there was new-found public awareness about people with disabilities being left out of sporting events and sports altogether. While sports people can play in wheelchairs are very similar to the sport sourced, there are some differences in rules and regulations to accommodate the sport as a whole. The event that brings the most attention to the idea that everyone, no matter their condition, should be able to enjoy sports.

There are many wheelchair sports that you can play

Sports that people in wheelchairs can play include some of the following: baseball, basketball, football, hockey, bowling, tennis, table tennis, and racing. The majority of these sports are played with users sitting in manual wheelchairs, most manual wheelchairs used for these sports are either custom made for the user, or tailored specifically for the sport. That is why some manual wheelchairs used for sports have angled rear wheels that allow the user to have more stability while also sustaining physical damage when the players bump into each other. There is other sports adapted for wheelchair users that require power wheelchairs to be used by every player, this type of sport would be more exclusive than manual wheelchair sports because there is less wheelchair-bound users that use a power chair than they use a manual chair.


Most Popular Wheelchair Sports

The most popular sport that is adapted for wheelchair users is wheelchair basketball. Wheelchair basketball probably has the most support behind it, public awareness is high for basketball played in wheelchairs. The first instance of basketball being adapted for wheelchair users was in 1956 when it was introduced to the Pan Am Jets. Everything started with support during 1946 when wheelchair sports were first introduced to the world. There are many rules that have been adapted in wheelchair basketball to be able to include wheelchair users. Traveling is a rule in basketball where a player moves both feet while holding the ball. In chair basketball, travelling is called when a player touches his wheels more than two times after being passed the ball by a teammate or inbounds.

Custom Sports Wheelchairs

In conclusion, wheelchair sports have been getting more support lately from the disability community and everyone else involved with disability. There are companies that make custom sport wheelchairs tailored towards wheelchair users who are active and play sports consistently. You should probably never use your everyday wheelchair to play wheelchair related sports, this will cause irregular wear and tear and will cut the lifespan of the chair by maybe half. There are wide ranges of sports that have been fully adapted to wheelchair users and there is a specific sport that is available for many different conditions a wheelchair user may have. Just because you are using a wheelchair it does not mean you cannot enjoy the fun and competitive nature of wheelchair sports.  

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