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SF3-SM Pediatric Stand-Up Frame

SF3-SM Pediatric Stand up Frame

Pediatric Standers, Standing Frames and Stand Systems are utilized for children with developmental delays, disabilities and other physical challenges. Children, such as those with Cerebral Palsy, who are confined to wheelchairs or have compromised ambulation skills benefit significantly from standing devices. Pediatric Standers are therapeutic, adaptive equipment, or standing aides for children with physical disabilities. A stander is a frame that holds the patient in various positions, including upright, prone, and supine. It provides weight-bearing support to enable patient mobility in an upright or other position. SF3-SM Pediatric Stand up Frame can be a good choice for these uses.  Other options includes XO Junior Wheelchair models.  Model: XO-202J Junior 14″ Standing Wheelchair – Power Assist Wheelchair Due to our commitment to continuous improvements, Karman Healthcare reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice.

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