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Pediatric Stroller

Pediatric Strollers Wheelchair

The Karman Healthcare Ultra Lightweight Compact Pediatric Transport is designed to give you and the child you care for a smooth stroll through the neighborhood, hospital, through the park; wherever you need to go, the Karman Healthcare Ultra Lightweight Compact Pediatric Transport can effortlessly get you there. The lightweight, durable frame of the pediatric wheelchairs by Karman Healthcare is designed for safety, all while making pushing of the lightweight pediatric transport wheelchair easy for you.

Karman Pediatric Wheelchair KM-7501 Pediatric Wheelchair with a weight capacity of up to132 lbs. provides safety and comfort for your child and ease of use for you with it’s ergonomically shaped push handles. Great look with bright color and modern style. Lowest price and quick, secure service for your individual needs. Order now for Free and Fast Shipping. Pediatric Manual Wheelchairs Live in motion with all the right support. Manual wheelchairs are self or caregiver propelled. That means they don’t include an independent power source to get your child to use the chair.  The example of this KM-7501 Pediatric Wheelchair considerations for the long term use in materials of choice is excellent.

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