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Karma Wheelchairs

Karma has a long worldwide history with it’s origin in the most mature market in Asia, being Taiwan. The Brand history starts in 1987 with the foundation of Karma Medical Corporation. Karma was the first company to introduce aluminum-frame wheelchairs and has since then grown to become one of Asia’s largest, most innovative wheelchair providers.

Working in close collaboration with therapists in many countries across the globe, Karma Medical Corporation has invested heavily in research and development and holds far over 100 patents, including many industry-standard technologies. Karma has over 800 sales and support centers in more than 40 countries.

Karma has reached its position as an industry leader by constantly asking itself:

How Can We Make Our Wheelchairs Better Fit Our Users?

We believe that a wheelchair should be seen as an integral part of people’s lives. In designing our wheelchairs, we think of the user first. Our wheelchairs are made to fit the user’s environment, medical condition and body.

This is also the main reason that we decided to develop a complete range of wheelchairs, starting with an extremely lightweight and easy foldable transport wheelchair up to a completely individually adjustable High-End power wheelchair including special steering and environmental controls.

A complete product family will help us in supporting the user’s needs to the max.

You don’t inspect quality into a product. You have to build it in.

Karma quality system is rooted in the notion of Total Quality Management (TQM).
Grounded on TQM, we build IQC, IPQC, FQC, and QA systems in the manufacturing process.

For assessment and testing, Karma built the most comprehensive CE testing system in the Asian wheelchair industry, including statistic stability test, impact test, two-drum test, drop test, resistance to upward forces test, resistance to downward forces test, salt spray test, etc.

Accruing from 20 years of manufacturing experience, Karma developed two unique internal standards for “S-curve road tests” and “Rigorous road tests” to augment the Durability Assessment.

This philosophy has been a critical part of Karma’s DNA ever since the company was established in 1987, and Research & Development and brand marketing have always been central in Karma’s growth.

“Fit*” is the core value of Karma brand. Our R&D teams, regardless of where they are, rigorously follow this ultimate guiding principle in the development of new products. That is, our products must:

1. fit the body of the user.
2. fit the user’s medical conditions.
3. fit the user’s environment.

These three core considerations have ensured that Karma’s products are directly responsive to our customers’ needs.

Since the technology of mobility aids continues to emerge, and that Europe and Australia are leading the charge, Karma has established design and technical centers in several countries.

By collaborating with first-class therapists and top-notch design teams in multiple regions, Karma stays on the cutting edge of knowledge and technology development.

Whether it’s a customized wheelchair, standing chair, general purpose chair, or another mobility aid device, each of our products is carefully designed with our customers’ voices,needs, and desires in mind.

When it comes to user experiences, we strive to be more “caring,”“empathetic,” and “approachable.”

Through our dedication and our mindfulness, we look forward to bringing more confidence, joy, and love for life to those with physical abilities around the world.

  • Ergo Flight Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

    ERGO FLIGHT – 19.8 lbs

    $988.00 $689.00
  • S-Ergo 115 Dr Phil

    S-ERGO 115 – 25 lbs

    $1,047.00 $569.00
  • Sale!

    ERGO LITE – S-2501 18 lbs

    $1,137.00 $579.00
  • Sale!

    S-ERGO 305 – 29 lbs

    $1,227.00 $659.00
  • Sale!

    S-ERGO ATX – 15.4 lbs

    $2,877.00 $1,441.00
  • Sale!

    S-ERGO 125 – 25 lbs

    $1,437.00 $748.00
  • Sale!

    S-ERGO 105 – 27 lbs

    $927.00 $429.00
  • Sale!

    S-ERGO 106 – 27 lbs

    $1,197.00 $639.00
  • Sale!

    ERGO FLIGHT-TP 18 lbs

    $1,137.00 $629.00
  • flexx adjustable wheelchair front view

    FLEXX – 28.5 lbs

    $1,799.00 $1,099.00
  • iTravel 1 power wheelchair

    iTravel ™

  • S-Ergo 115 TP small rear wheel
    S-Ergo 115 TP Side View

    S-ERGO 115 Transport – 22 lbs

    $1,047.00 $569.00
  • Sale!

    KM-5000 Transport – 33 lbs

    $1,557.00 $999.00
  • MVP 502 Folded Reclining Wheelchair side view

    KM-5000 Self Propel – 36 lbs

    $1,557.00 $999.00
  • Sale!

    VIP-515-TP – 34 lbs

    $3,150.00 $1,619.00
  • vip-515 side view

    VIP-515 – 38 lbs

    $3,330.00 $1,749.00
  • mvp side view

    MVP-502 Self Propel – 36 lbs

    $3,597.00 $1,849.00
  • km-8520-bariatric-wheelchair-image
    KM-8520-22W - 35 lbs

    KM-8520 22″ – 35 lbs

    $1,578.00 $898.00
  • km8520-bariatric-wheelchair-main
    km8520-20 side wheelchair

    KM-8520 20″ Seat 35 lbs

    $1,578.00 $898.00
  • Sale!

    KM-BT10 – 22″ to 30″ Seat – 63 lbs*

    $5,400.00 $2,800.00