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This Is Why I Love Commercials…

Earlier today, I was finalizing my notes for my classes for the coming week. One of the topics I will cover this week is advertising, which gives me … This Is Why I Love Commercials…

Inaccessibility In The House

I have been a wheelchair user all my life, although my mum told me that I could stand till the age of 2. When my parents bought the house, they could… Inaccessibility In The House

Do wheelchairs need maintenance?

Like any other equipment, wheelchairs require maintenance for many reasons. Proper maintenance will help increase the lifespan of a wheelchair and prevent it from breaking down. The greatest benefit of a routine maintenance on a wheelchair is the chair’s performance. With proper functioning parts, it will decrease drag on the wheelchair and propelled with ease. […]

What are some exercises for people in wheelchairs?

There are many exercises that people in wheelchairs are able to do to increase endurance, mobility, muscle mass and prevent joint pain or injuries. Every individual has different starting points. It is hard for many to begin exercising and that extra support can be a difference. Here are some exercising tips but remember to consult […]

Can people in wheelchairs compete in marathons?

Wheelchair users have many obstacles to overcome therefore seen as true champions in competitions such as marathons and sports. Unfortunately, not all wheelchair users are able to compete in marathons or sports due to physical conditions or special circumstances. On the other hand, many are able to compete. They typically must extensively train for hours. […]

Can people in wheelchairs play sports?

People in wheelchairs can play sports. There are a wide range of sports to choose from and can even compete in tournaments in some of those sports. Continue reading to learn more about some wheelchair sports, also known as adaptive sports. Basketball is one of the most famous sports for wheelchair users. The rules remain […]

Which Dog is Best Suitable for a Person in a Wheelchair?

Which dog is best suitable for a person in a wheelchair is typically answered subjectively. Many will say that the Golden Retriever or the Labrador is the best because they are the most well-known service breed. However, some will find that their energies levels may not be well matched with these breeds. However, there are […]

What materials are used to make wheelchairs so special?

Many wheelchairs are made with materials like steel, aluminum, rubber, plastic, and upholstery. These materials ensure a high quality and prevent the wheelchair from breaking down earlier in its lifespan. How the materials are used: A wheelchair contains steel parts to help it hold together properly. The majority of the wheelchair is made up of […]

What is wheelchair yoga?

Wheelchair yoga is a simplified version of yoga, a Hindu ascetic, and spiritual discipline. These involve meditation, breath control and postures performs with the body. It has many health benefits and helps reach a higher level of relaxation. Thanks to the simplification of yoga for wheelchair users they too can practice it to benefit from […]


The Trade War between the U.S. and China can affect the wheelchair industry and their consumers. The cost of wheelchairs may rise should the current trade war continue. Companies acquire expenses when importing raw materials such as metal which they have to pay tariffs on. Another expense adds on when exporting in form of other […]