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Lightweight Wheelchairs on Sale

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The Lightweight Manual Wheelchair is an immense upgrade over a heavy wheelchair that can cause your condition to worsen and may also lead to further physical problems.

Furthermore, In the last decade, wheelchairs that are lightweight and foldable have become the norm in the industry, the benefits that are provided with a lighter frame and overall lighter equipment can help users perform daily tasks without the weight of the wheelchair becoming a daily problem.

What are other advantages you can have with lightweight wheelchairs?

Lightweight wheelchairs have many other advantages for the user, one of the biggest advantages of lightweight manual wheelchairs is that they are usually easier to fold and are often more portable than conventional wheelchairs.

Also, you can also take advantage of the fact that lightweight chairs are far easier to be used as a self-propelled chairs, meaning that you can enjoy the independence that comes along with having a lightweight manual chair.  Our lightweight series ranges in seat width from 14 inches all the way up to 30 inches, and a maximum weight capacity of 550 lbs.

Furthermore, you can purchase lightweight folding chairs from the leading wheelchair manufacturer in the country.  We provide super lightweight chairs that are easy to fold and store. Light wheelchairs are typically made from aluminum but sometimes from steel or a combination of both metals, which affords their less than standard weight class.

Light Wheelchairs in this category generally weigh from 29 – 34 pounds each. We have many wheelchairs to choose from in this range and well below 29 lbs as well within the lightweight category.  If it is weight you’re looking for, ask about our new 14.5 lb frame ERGO FLIGHT.

At Karman, we have over 100 models, types, variations of lightweight folding wheelchairs to choose from. We have a large selection of manual wheelchairs, including lightweight transport, standard wheelchairs, lightweight, ultra lightweight, ergonomic, and more.

Moreover, selecting a category, model, color or even price point is important for the end user to fully appreciate “state of the art” mobility products. We are committed to finding you a perfect chair for your lifetime usage in comfort, mobility, and competitive options.  We at Karman are here and dedicated to your every needs.

Folding a Light Wheelchair has never been this easy!

All chairs come with companion handles standard.  Most are available as 16″ or 18″ seat width.  Easy to maneuver over a wheelchair ramp.  Most chairs have desk-length armrest pads.  Some light wheelchair models have have flip-back armrests with makes transports much easier especially in a trunk of a car or any other storage location.

Swing-away detachable leg-rest also provide further mobility options and ease of use.  Ask about our adaptive or prescription based Bariatric’s if the KM-8520F20 and KM-8520F22 does not meet any specific needs you have or check out our BT-10 model.

Why Choose a Lightweight Wheelchair?

Choosing a light chair is best decided when the user who will be operating the chair mindfully measures their needs, including lifestyle activities, the amount of time on a daily basis that the chair will be used, and the situation and criteria of their condition.

Different conditions can dictate the type of wheelchair you will need, depending on your needs and level of mobility. Full time wheelchair users may need a different type of equipment than part time users, depending on daily activities and lifestyle choices.

You can find out more about our portable lightweight chairs from our product literature, including this flyer:
RESOURCES – Each Product Landing Page has all the information pertinent to the product (e.g. HCPCS Codes, Dimensions, Literature, UPC, etc).  If you would like to see every product listed by specs and details, please visit our Resources Landing page by clicking HERE. Check out our Landing Page Directory


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