When someone mentions a wheelchair, usually the manual wheelchair instantly comes to mind. The regular model of manual wheelchair includes a cross-brace framework allowing for hassle-free folding, armrests that can be either fixed or detachable, swivel-away footrests, a pair of big wheels with push rims, along with a pair of smaller sized wheels in the front. This version has maintained most of its fundamental design over the years since it is robust, reliable and practical.

You should seek some qualified opinions prior to selecting between a manual or electric wheelchair. An occupational or physical therapist will often give you practical knowledge to the kind of chair that does not interfere with your daily routines. Consulting someone that utilizes the kind of wheelchair that you like can produce some insight into the functionality of the model.
manual wheelchairs are a great idea

Advantages of Manual Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair has a few advantages over an electric powered wheelchair that are worth mentioning. They are often more convenient to carry around and move around when not being used since it is a lot lighter.

This also means that they are simpler to push compared to their electric powered counterpart. You do not have to concern yourself with power supply when using manual wheelchairs.

This tends to provide one with more independence and not leave them feeling as if they are being tied down. In many cases, manual wheelchairs provide more freedom of movability, in some measure because of their lightweight design.

Folding wheelchairs carry the downside of having several moving components. This will require some maintenance to make sure they remain smooth and simple to operate. The X framework they function enables it to be folded sideways. Despite the fact that this at times leaves it bulkier compared to the rigid wheelchair.

Manual Wheelchair Technology

Rigid wheelchair support frames are usually stronger compared to folding designs given that they have fewer moving pieces. A rigid frame usually includes quick releases in different parts of the chair to ensure it is conveniently transportable in an automobile. Most owners find it simple to load the rigid structure wheelchair on their own because it generally weighs a maximum of 10 to 20 pounds.

You might realize that your budget limits your choices on if to go with a manual or an electric powered wheelchair. Even though electric powered wheelchairs do provide you with several of their particular advantages, manual wheelchairs have endured the test of time by remaining a simple, robust and useful mobility device.


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