Wheelchairs in general are a very important invention as they provide support for people who can no longer get around on their own. For the most part, you can find 2 different types of wheelchairs on the market, the manual and electric wheelchair. Within those 2 categories, there are over 500 different types of chairs to choose from. The choice depends on what type of support system you need on a daily basis.

Recently, there has been a spike in interest of electric wheelchairs; this is because they are easy to get through insurance (if you qualify) and they don’t require any energy exerted when being used because a battery powers it. They are also designed to have a very comfortable seating frame and upholstery, specifically made for long-term seating.

Electric Wheelchairs for Used for Disabilities 

Even though electric wheelchairs have become more popular as of late, the manual wheelchair is still very prominent in hospital rooms and other similar facilities because they are used to transfer patients in and out of beds and to other medical wards. Wheelchairs were initially popular and advantageous with individuals who suffered from polio. Nowadays, electric wheelchairs can be used to help people with many different disabilities including paraplegia, quadriplegia, spina bifida, obesity, and other illnesses.


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