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The last few months people across the US have experienced a harsh winter that has forced some schools to close for days at time, and in some cities, federal government buildings have been required to shut down because of bad weather conditions. The good news behind recent bad weather reports, SPRING IS COMING!

Yep, spring is coming and it is highly anticipated in most of the US.

We know that snow can bring about a lot of issues along with it. People have a hard time getting to work, kids can't go to school, it's even difficult to get the paper in the morning. Along those responsibilities, walking your dog on a consistent basis becomes part of your daily routine. Now we know that a normal dog would need assistance if it was to travel across large amounts of snow, but what if your dog only had two usable legs to tread about in the snow?

Meet Kadee Mae, a 10 year old border collie that broke a bone in her back and her rear legs were left paralyzed after an accident. I would imagine that Kadee Mae would be depressed all the time if she were unable to move about by herself. I am sure you have seen photos of disabled dogs with custom pet wheelchairs attached to their lower body, but what if you live in a place with predominant snow conditions and the wheels on this dog device are useless because of the terrain involved?

Kadee Mae's owner had the idea to enhance the apparatus so that it can be used on snowy terrain. Which is why Kadee Mae is now trotting about in her new dog wheelchair skis.


Lund ordered a special wheelchair to help Kadee Mae get around, but the wheels were no good in the snow.

Research showed Lund that skis could be the answer. She received a pair from friends, had them shortened to 30 inches and shipped to a Massachusetts company to be fitted to Kadee Mae’s wheelchair.

Now, Lund clamps the skis to Kadee Mae’s cart, and it glides behind the dog instead of getting stuck in the snow.

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