S-115 | Ergonomic Wheelchair | Provides the perfect shape to fit the human body.
Standing Wheelchair , Electric Power Wheelchair, Power Chair
We provide the most effective wheelchairs on the market
We provide the best mobility products on the market, to allow users to live their lifestyle and to suit their mobility needs
We can provide you with the ultimate ride.
S-ERGO ATX | Active Wheelchair | for those who want to ride through life boldly

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Karman is the nation’s leading manufacturer of wheelchairs

Karman Healthcare has been a leading innovator in the manufacture and distribution of home medical products since 1994. Karman provides a full line of wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, power wheelchairs & scooters, stand-up wheelchair, oxygen regulators, bathroom safety and other home care products.

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Manual and Power Standing Wheelchairs

Karman® offers over one hundred different models of wheelchairs that you can choose from. We have more selections of Manual Wheelchair, including Transport Wheelchair, Standard Wheelchair, Lightweight Wheelchair, Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair, Ergonomic Wheelchair and more. Selecting a category, model, color or even price point is important for the end user to fully appreciate “state of the art” mobility products.

Don’t forget to check out our patented S-ERGO S-Shape Seating System. We are committed to finding you a perfect chair for your your lifetime usage in comfort, mobility and competitive options. We are dedicated to your every need. We even offer Standing Wheelchairs rounding off our product mix to the highest level of offerings in the Mobility Wheelchair category. Find the best wheelchair for you.

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