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Karman offers the widest selection of not only Power Wheelchairs, but Standing Wheelchairs as well.  When choosing the ultimate mobility product adding power significantly enhances freedom by having our latest technology being incorporated in all of your mobility needs.  Our Mobility features and reliability provides you with the ultimate power wheelchairs that will last you a lifetime of reliability, comfort, and the ultimate mobility and freedom.  Check out our product offering and power wheelchair options and know that a reliable brand will stand behind your investment in the best power wheelchair possible.

Power wheelchairs in this category start with the most basic simple mobility needs to ones which provide a standing function.  Some of our models also include tilt, recline, while other have manual motions for the standing feature.  Depending on your needs, you may wish to talk to a medical professional before selecting the best power wheelchair to suit your daily mobility needs.

The XO-202 Standing Wheelchair is the “top of the line” power wheelchair with the latest technology available today.  With power stand, recline and tilt options, it also provides a patented standing system providing maximum stability, efficiency and serves as the best in its class when comparing specifications across the competition.

Furthermore, the XO-505 can be compared to the best manual recliner which has an articulating pivot point for the armrests and is the only reclining wheelchair on the market today where the armrests incrementally shift to the rear of the wheelchair as the user is reclined.  This promotes good posture and offers a natural armrest positioning when the user seeks a favorable reclining angle.

Only the higher end models offers better motor that power the wheelchair.  The best thing is that we’re able to take this anywhere and easily load it into our car.  Transportation in this power wheelchair has really increased our freedom and choices.

Utilizing the best materials in the build reduce weight without sacrificing the strength of the frame. All of our recliner wheelchairs offer ultimate comfort, better blood circulation, aid in sleeping, and transportability.

Finding a wheelchair that perfectly fits you is very important. That is why we have launched the new ERGO FIT™ Campaign, based on proper Wheelchair Ergonomics. The right way to use ERGO FIT is to take into account your daily wheelchair use, Wheelchair Dimensions, and also taking into account the environment in which you will be using your wheelchair.

Whether it is outdoor expeditions or indoor use,  we make sure that when you are going up a wheelchair ramp, it will be with the least amount of resistance; our ERGO FIT™ methodology provides a countless amount of options and accessories, and models with specific features designed to maximize your mobility and comfort.
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