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When you look at a wheelchair, it has its standards components with its standard color. If your wheelchair is forever yours, why not add your personal touch to it? Below are 7 fun and fast ways to decorate your wheelchair to give it a refreshing look.


1. Stickers, Decals, and Patches

Put your favorite band, sports team, or images on your wheelchair by using stickers, decals, or patches. They can be found in arts & crafts store.

2. Custom Wheels

Did you know you can decorate the wheelchair spoke guard? Izzy Wheels creates Custom designs that adds art to your wheels. It turns your once boring wheelchair to a fashion statement.

Izzy Wheels

3. Accessories

Having pouches or bags is a great way to add fun to your wheelchair. Not only is it practical, it also adds a pop of color without overpowering the wheelchair. Etsy has a wide selection of wheelchair bags and pouches to choose from.

4. Wheelchair Skin

This is a great way to change the look of your chair. You can add it to the backseat, frames, and wheel spokes. The great thing about wheelchair skin is removable without leaving permanent colors or design choices. It’s perfect if you are looking to change your personal style once in a while.

5. Colorful Cushion Covers

You can use fun fabrics with patterns or prints to make a cover for the seat cushion. You can find them in your nearest fabric or craft stores. It’s an easy update to make your wheelchair feel less dull.

6. Lights

Adding lights makes your wheelchair an eye catcher. You will stand out from the crowd at night and you won't  have to worry about someone not being able to find you. There are many types of lights for the wheelchairs, such as spoke lights and lights that are made to fit inside the front wheels, that can be found online.

7. Adding Colors

Adding colors is a fast way to update the look of your wheelchair. You can paint certain wheelchair parts or frames to make it vibrant and stylish. If you going for a subtle color look, you can add colors to the wheels. Spinergy wheels have a selection of colors for wheel spokes and tires that you can purchase depending on the type of wheelchair that you are using.

Spinergy Wheels


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