The needs for patients in a medical centre like a hospital can vary dramatically. If you are unable to walk for long distances or stand for extended periods due to an accident or illness, you will be able to get the proper care for your needs while in the medical facility.

Wheelchairs are used by these medical clinics or physical therapy centers to safely transport patients easily and safely to and from appointments within the facility. Not all wheelchairs are created equal, so it is important to select the right wheelchair for the patient’s needs.

Transport Wheelchairs Designed for Caregivers

With the vast selection of medical supplies on the market, it can be overwhelming to have to comb through the hundreds of choices to select the right device for your needs. To get the best deal for your medical facility, you will first need to identify the needs of your facility.

Any wheelchair in a medical environment must be safe and stable to start. It should also be easy for caregivers, attendants and in some cases patients to maneuver the wheelchair. The wheelchair should also fit in well with the medical facilities’ space requirements.

The stackable kind of wheelchair is great for moving patients around who might have a temporary or permanent handicap due to a bariatric condition or maybe their mobility is restricted because of illness, treatment or therapies. Once you understand the needs of your facility, only the necessary supplies will be purchased and you will save money in the end.

The Average Wheechair 

Before you make your final wheelchair purchasing decision, also take into account the safety of the staff and patients. Regular wheelchairs have a number of safety feature flaws.

Always consider the braking system of the wheelchair as this is where one of the major flaws exists. This is a very important safety feature and making a mistake here can result in harm for the patient.

Some new models of wheelchair have an automatic brake system. The brake system ensures that the wheelchair will not roll off on its own as it is automatically applied when the caregiver or attendant releases the handle bar. The patient can also safely get out of the wheelchair without worrying that it might roll away from under them.

Sturdiness and durability should be considered in the final decision. Regular wheelchairs have a fairly short life span and most of them are only useful for a maximum of 3 years. Always buy wheelchair from a trusted and reputable maker and make sure it comes with a warranty.


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