Not that long ago, people in wheelchairs were ostracized from society and were deemed non-existent. Some people even saw them as burdens. Traces of this mentality are still evident today and there are still quite a few people who are not aware that people in wheelchairs are normal people like everyone else.

People seem to equate being in a wheelchair with some kind of mental disability but this is not even close to the truth. In essence, those who are wheelchair bound not only have to deal with being physically disabled, they also have to deal with incorrect perceptions of the general public.

Wheelchairs for Independence

Whoever invented the wheelchair made life infinitely better for those who are wheelchair bound and to change the perception of people in general. Wheelchair make life outdoors much more enjoyable for the user and it makes interacting with the public much easier.

All wheelchair users face some type of difficulty, but for some reason women seem to be more affected and criticized for some reason. But there are a number of initiatives in place to make them feel better about themselves.

Events for Women with Disabilities

There have been a group of people who like serving their community who have organized fashion shows for women who have physical disabilities. These women are the star of the show and can bask in the attention that they don’t usually get. The clothes are designed specifically for them and they get to look just as glamorous as a normal woman would.

There are even yearly pageants organized for these disabled women, which gives them an opportunity not only to feel good and look great but it is also an opportunity to enlighten the public about the problems these women face every day and hopefully get them to change their perceptions.


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