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Playing in the playground is one of the most memorable experiences of being a child. Therefore, children of all ages should be able to experience the fun and freedom even if  they are using a wheelchair or have a disability. It is easy for wheelchair-bound children or kids with disability to feel left out due to lack of accessibility.  As more cities are aware of the problem, there are accessible playgrounds built around the world so no children gets left out.

Tatum's Garden located in Salinas, California / image via

Below are 30 impressive accessible playgrounds from around the world that will definitely put a smile on a child's face. Click here for more information about the playgrounds.

30 Impressive Accessible Playgrounds

1.  Shiver Me Timbers Millennium Park – Lake Charles, Louisiana

2.  Tatum’s Garden – Salinas, California

3.  Jake’s Place – Cherry Hill, New Jersey

4.  Playground Without Limits – Houston, Texas

5.  Helen Diller Playground – San Francisco, California

6.  The Play Park – Exeter, U.K.

7.  Matthew’s Boundless Playground – Kissimmee, Florida

8.  Hope Park – Frisco, Texas

9.  Lake Macquarie Variety Playground – Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia

10.  Livvi’s Place – Five Dock, New South Wales, Australia

11.  Can-Do Playground – Wilmington, Delaware

12.  Harambee Park – Boston, Massachusetts

13.  JT’s Grommet Island Beach Park and Playground – Virginia Beach, Virginia

14.  Tony Stewart Playground – Columbus, Indiana

15.  Clemyjontri Park – Fairfax County, Virginia

16.  Taylor’s Dream – Fort Wayne, Indiana

17.  Zachary’s Playground – Lake St. Louis, Missouri

18.  Reese’s Retreat – Pasadena, California

19.  Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative Playground – Yuma, Arizona

20.  Jacob’s Park – Boynton Beach, Florida

21.  Rocket Park – Grand Junction, Colorado

22.  Signal Centers Therapeutic Playground for the Arts – Chattanooga, Tennessee

23.  Everybody’s Tree House – Germantown, Tennessee

24.  Friendship Park – Ra’anana, Israel

25.  Millstone Creek Park – Westerville, Ohio

26.  Fairmount Carousel Playground – Riverside, California

27.  Hadley’s Park – Potomac, Maryland

28.  Brooklyn’s Playground – Pocatello, Idaho

29.  Westchester Recreation Center – Los Angeles, California

30.  A Dream Come True – Harrisonburg, Virginia




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