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Motorized Wheelchairs – Smart Chair

A motorized wheelchair is a mobility device that is powered by a battery allowing the user to use a joystick to propel the chair around. When you are looking for a motorized wheelchair for sale, you should keep in mind what type of price point and features you need to make your life easier. The standard motor wheelchair usually has a heavy frame, which makes it harder for you to store and carry around. Because of this, we made sure to design our motor chairs to be as lightweight as possible. This means that the chair has the same standard features as other electric chairs with the added benefit of being able to fold and store it with ease because of its light frame.

Power wheelchairs are usually synonymous with “mobility scooters”, that’s because they come standard with many of the same features. With a power scooter you are able to navigate the device by using the steering handles, similar to a bicycle. There is a limit to how much and how quick you can maneuver a scooter when you are in tight spaces. Because its more like bicycle handles, if you find yourself indoors in a small place then you may notice that it is harder to control the scooter.

This is when the powered or electric wheelchair comes in handy. Because you are able to control the device with a joystick, you have more control over how you maneuver the chair in tight spaces. This is effective because you are able to take different approaches to tight spaces, using different angles to maneuver past a hallway or doorway and other things that might get in your way. There is also less of an effort to maneuver the chair because you are only using your fingers to control the device, unlike a power scooter. There are also some technological advances when it comes to operating a motorized chair. There is work being done today to allow users to easily control the device by using a mouthpiece to maneuver it with your tongue, and other advanced types of steering.

There are a ton of different chairs that are powered by a battery on the market, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which one best suits your lifestyle. The main thing to keep in mind is how you will be using it (i.e. indoor/outdoor) and what features are necessary for you to be comfortable using it. The light power chairs that we provide are made to be easy to use and extremely portable.

  • volare power scooter
    Volare Foldable Electric Scooter

    Volare Foldable Power Scooter

    $4,299.00 $2,195.00
  • electric folding power wheelchair

    Tranzit Go – Folding Electric

    $4,063.00 $2,379.00
  • XO-505 Main Image


    $19,800.00 $12,950.00
  • X0-202 Standing View Stand Up Wheelchair


    $9,900.00 $6,500.00
  • xo-202-main photo


    $13,900.00 $8,950.00
  • XO-55 Standing Position
    XO-55 Seated Position

    XO-55 Horizon

  • XO-202 Junior 14" Seat Standing Power Assist Wheelchair

    XO-202 Junior

  • iTravel 1 power wheelchair

    iTravel ™