Wheelchairs that are Easy to Push

Easy to push wheelchairs are made conveniently for caregivers.

Easy to Push Wheelchair Handle Bars

Easy to push wheelchair handle bars are usually ergonomically correct, and have a material such as foam to minimize skin pressure sores or blisters.

Most handle bars that are made for easy to push wheelchairs, have the following features:

  • Helps reduce pain and fatigue from pushing a wheelchair.
  • Designed to fit over the handles of a manual wheelchair.
  • Allows you to push a wheelchair with one hand.

Rear Wheels

The rear wheels on an easy to push wheelchair should be made of a lightweight material to allow the lowest possible energy needed to push the chair. Transport wheelchairs are also convenient easy to push wheelchairs, since they come with small wheels, one of the reasons to buy this type of wheelchair is so that the caregiver can effectively push the user without exerting too much energy with each push.

Easy to Push Wheelchair Push Bars

Karman Healthcare provides easy to push bars, they are very convenient to push and can be pushed with one hand if need be.  When you use both hands to push, the push bar transfers energy directly to the wheelchair with less effort needed.

The ergonomic grip design allows the caretaker pushing the chair, to place their hands in a variety of comfortable positions, based on each isolated situation. The easy to push wheelchair push bar helps when maneuvering over ramps, uneven surfaces, sharp inclines, or carpeting.

Overhead Storage Spaces

Our travel wheelchairs are easy to fold and convenient to carry, this allows you to carry on with your day without time consuming activities that other travel chairs may require.

Unlike bulky conventional wheelchairs, Karman Healthcare offers a travel wheelchair that is designed for ease of comfort and convenience. Our chairs can easily fit into the trunk of a vehicle, or the backseat.

They can also fit with convenience into an overhead storage space, whether it is on a train, bus, or plane, this travel wheelchair can fit into the most minute spaces.

Our folding travel wheelchair is light weight enough to be lifted in and out of a trunk or any other storage space by the user.

Push Handle Chairs

Wheelchairs that are easy to push are usually lightweight and sometimes they are also transport wheelchairs. Pushing, pulling, and maneuvering people in wheelchairs can be awkward and strenuous to caregivers. If you are looking for a wheelchair that is easy to push, Karman Healthcare offers a wide variety of Lightweight wheelchairs and transport wheelchairs that are made to be easy for the user or caregiver to push or propel.

Depending on your needs and lifestyle, we offer easily pushable chairs that propel very easily and can be pushed for a long period of time without any effects to the quality of the chair.

There is also the option of buying after market rear wheels that are of lighter weight than conventional wheels, which allow the user or caregiver to push or pull very easily.


Storage Convenience

Travel wheelchairs provide users with a small light frame that can conveniently fit into most storage spaces.

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Stand Wheelchairs - Wheelchair Mobility

Lightweight Frame

The light frame allows users to carry the chair around without the hassle of a heavy frame.

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Which Type of Travel Wheelchair Is Right For Me?

Travel wheelchairs are the best option for travel or vacation.

Contact us for more information regarding our travel wheelchair.

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  • S-Ergo 115 TP small rear wheel
    S-Ergo 115 TP Side View
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  • MVP-502 Transport wheelchair rear view
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  • T-2700 folded up
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  • T-2000 side view
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  • LT-1000 Wheelchair brakes
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    LT-1000 – 23 lbs

    5.00 out of 5
    $277.00 $165.00
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  • T-900 Back View Transport Wheelchair
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  • LT-770Q Red Streak - 37 lbs
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  • LT-K5 Lightweight Wheelchair
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    LT-K5 – 28 lbs

    2.00 out of 5
    $747.00 $379.00
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