Engineered for easy travel and storage.

Enhanced Performance

Travel wheelchairs are the best type of wheelchairs for vacations or travel activities. With the best type of wheelchair for travel, you can experience the trip of a lifetime. Travel chairs give you the freedom to travel anywhere your life’s calling takes you, our travel wheelchair can make all the difference in the world.

Travel Confidence

Karman Healthcare’s travel wheelchairs are very economical and durable, they can outlast the lifetime of a conventional chair for a long term solution. We built our travel chairs to be very effective for traveling, it can withstand the rigors of travel, meaning that you can be confident that it will satisfy your travel needs.

Even on rough terrain, our travel wheelchair can perform at a phenomenal level, superior to other travel chairs. You can be sure that your chair will last a long time, our design was based on case studies where we enhanced the level of efficiency of our travel wheelchair.

Portable and Folding for Traveling

Main Features:

Foldable: an important feature for a travel wheelchair is to be able to fold it on command. Storing and folding a travel wheelchair has never been easier than with our travel chair.

Comfort: you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to have the right chair for travel.

Lightweight: weight capabilities come into question when buying a travel wheelchair, a light weight frame allows you to keep up with the hustle and bustle throughout your day.

Durable: a durable travel wheelchair allows you to have peace of mind when traveling outside your comfort zone, you do not need to worry about your chair breaking down and slowing down your trip.

Compact: your travel chair should be easy to carry, and even easier to store in a vehicle or storage space.

Overhead Storage Spaces

Our travel wheelchairs are easy to fold and convenient to carry, this allows you to carry on with your day without time consuming activities that other travel chairs may require.

Unlike bulky conventional wheelchairs, Karman Healthcare offers a travel wheelchair that is designed for ease of comfort and convenience. Our chairs can easily fit into the trunk of a vehicle, or the backseat.

They can also fit with convenience into an overhead storage space, whether it is on a train, bus, or plane, this travel wheelchair can fit into the most minute spaces.

Our folding travel wheelchair is light weight enough to be lifted in and out of a trunk or any other storage space by the user.

Which Type of Travel Wheelchair Is Right For Me?

Travel wheelchairs are the best option for travel or vacation.

Contact us for more information regarding our travel wheelchair.


Storage Convenience

Travel wheelchairs provide users with a small light frame that can conveniently fit into most storage spaces.

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Stand Wheelchairs - Wheelchair Mobility

Lightweight Frame

The light frame allows users to carry the chair around without the hassle of a heavy frame.

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