When you are caring for people who have a disability or illness, you will need a mobility device to quickly and conveniently transport them both indoors and outdoors. A transport wheelchair is a great option in this case.

These wheelchairs are lighter and less bulky compared to regular wheelchairs and provide safe and easy transport of the user. It can also be folded for convenient storage. For caregivers, these wheelchairs are convenient and easy to handle.

Transport Wheelchair Designed for Greater Convenience and Accessibility

From One Place to Another

Transport wheelchairs were made specifically to transfer patients with a disability from one place to another. When being used indoors, the narrow framework makes passing through narrow doorways and hallways very convenient.

They have weatherproof steel frames and are lightweight and foldable. The 4 small wheels make this chair very maneuverable and they can weigh as little as 19 pounds.

A Caregiver is Necessary

The tires on the transport wheelchair are solid rubber and they never go flat. Since these wheelchairs don’t have hand rims like those on a regular wheelchair, the user will have to be pushed by someone else.

A “step tube” is located at the back of the transport wheelchair which helps to maneuver the chair over curbs and uneven services. Some have accessories that add comfort and ease of use for the user and caregiver like oversize wheels and legs rests that swing-away.

Much Less Expensive

Transport wheelchairs are especially useful for the elderly as they go about their daily life be it spending time with friends, going to church, shopping or going to see family.

They come in handy when the user needs to attend important appointments, when they are on vacation or events like weddings. Compared to regular wheelchairs, they are much less expensive.

Convenient Mobility

These chairs are great for easy storage as they can fold fairly flat. Their lightweight also makes them great for those who have physical challenges. Even if the user still has the ability to walk, transport wheelchairs are still a great alternative to canes and walkers which are not the most stable mobility device.

Transport wheelchairs provide the physically disabled and the elderly a convenient means of mobility and will give them more confidence and a positive outlook on life. They feel more comfortable and not as though they are a burden to their caregivers.


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