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A rooster was evacuated during a fire and his name was Roo. He had broken his beak in two different places, bloodied his comb, his head got damage, and brain swelling occurred. Due to the injuries, the rooster was not able to sit up correctly, eat, drink, and crow. The rooster had the chair paid for by a Facebook fan which has seen her Facebook post and was touched by the story which led to the chair being paid for.


First image is what a wheelchair looks like for a rooster. These wheelchairs can rehabilitate the animal to walk again. Roosters are not the only animals that have been using wheelchairs to learn to walk again. Animals that use wheelchairs also are lambs, dogs, bunnies, and cats. There is a wheelchair for everyone and almost any animal.

In the second image, you can see that not even size matters. They have legs and they walk so a wheelchair is a great tool to help them to start walking again. You can barely tell but int the picture the guinea pig has its front legs free so it can still move as free as possible.

In the last image, we have a bunny. As you can see wheelchairs are adaptable to anything, it does not matter what the weight of the animal or even human is because there is always a wheelchair available.

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