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Staying productive in a wheelchair can be a problem for many users. That is why a company named Dynamic Controls created a system where the user can connect their Iphone via bluetooth to the system. It comes with an application to download and it is user friendly. This system where you can see a report of diagnostics of when things go bad, and real-time information of the wheelchair. The system can be found here.



Another way of helping those in wheelchairs is a product called google home. With google home you can access many features they offer the consumer. Some common features include, find your phone, find other lost things, get word definitions, play games, quick phrases and shortcuts, chromecast control, and guest mode. These examples are just some features you can do with google home and it works very well when you are in a wheelchair.  since google home is hands free, it helps the functionality to someone who can not do as much physical movement which is very helpful.



It's competitor is  the amazon echo product which is similar but has distinct features. Some features include, asking the time, playing music, the weather, setting a timer, setting a shopping list, getting an uber ride, calendar updates, and their is more but these are some of the most common ones that are used. You can find more information on more features and also extensive information here. Both products offer mobility and help boost productivity levels for wheelchair users because it is hands-free.

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