Israeli Acrobat Wheel

shock absorption wheels

A brand new type of wheel has just been invented for wheelchairs and it features new shock absorbing technology which can completely change the way manual wheelchair user’s travel through terrain. They were created by an Israeli company named SoftWheel and feature a very unique form of suspension called “selective suspension”.

As such, the wheelchair will automatically be able to sense rocky terrain and expand up to three spokes larger which in will let the shocks absorb the impact instead of the individual in the wheelchair much like shocks on a motor vehicle. When the shocks absorb the impact, the hub of the wheel actually moves. When back on a regular surface, the wheel actually changes back to a normal state. The Acrobat wheel will be released sometime this year in a variety of colors.

Shock Absorption for Wheelchair Wheels

The possible uses of this wheelchair make it a very attractive option for many individuals. Going over curbs, going down stairs, pretty much doing anything that used to be uncomfortable before is now going to be effortless. The absolute best thing about this chair is the endless amount of possibilities of things you can do.

This is bound to be the new standard for wheelchair sports especially since they often involve high impact activity. Of course, this isn’t the first wheelchair of its kind.



Acrobat Wheels For Wheelchairs

The shock absorbing feature has been around for a while. The Frog Legs wheelchair featured this same functionality only with the front caster wheels. This method was effective, but simply not as efficient as the Acrobat Wheel. It was held back by weight limits and environment restrictions.

When this technology gets introduced into wheelchair sports, the effect it’ll have will be massive. With these new shocks, this wheelchair has the capability to completely revolutionize the way these sports are played with the capability to quickly become the new industry standard.