Power wheelchairs are designed to help anyone with a disability, from kids to adults, with their daily activities. These medical devices are perfect for those who need a motorized wheelchair. There are many designs and types of power wheelchairs. However, the basic power chair is made up of a seat, strong backing, 2 smaller wheels at the front and 2 larger wheels at the back. The power chair also has a section for the power pack and the controls, which are usually built into the armrest and is easily accessible by the hands.

Some power wheelchairs have the “captain’s chair” design and has a wide seat, long seat back, long arm rests and 6 smaller to medium size wheels.

Why Power Mobility?

Why should you go with a power mobility wheelchair?  The most frequent reason why someone needs a power wheelchair is for medical purposes, like not being able to stand for extended periods of time; having an illness or disease that makes walking difficult or impossible. For some people it might just be the lack of upper body strength that is required to operate a manual wheelchair.

A power wheelchair will make more sense for someone who has limited upper body strength or movement as it would be very difficult to maneuver a regular wheelchair. The power wheelchairs can be used for indoor activities or outdoors for things like shopping, running errands etc. Some people might only need the power wheelchair on a temporary basis, like after being in a car accident or have become weakened due to an illness.

Getting a Power Wheelchair

The kind of power wheelchair that an individual chooses will mostly depend on their budget and the reason why they require the wheelchair in the first place. Basic power wheelchairs are much less expensive compared to the specialized wheelchairs and those that have more than 4 wheels or those that have movable motorized seat backs or hood coverings on the customized rough terrain power wheelchairs etc.

Power wheelchairs are not easily obtainable by people without disabilities that permanently restrict their movement. Most insurance companies will not cover the cost for a power wheelchair if the patient has the ability to walk at all irrespective of the degree of pain the patient experiences. Power wheelchairs can be purchased via private companies and there is a huge selection in terms of price and design to choose from.

Power wheelchairs are the ideal medical device for those who have a hard time walking or standing for extended periods or those that have an existing medical condition that limits their mobility. Power wheelchairs come in many different designs and price ranges. The final price will be dependent on the disability of the individual and how they will be using their power chair in their everyday life.

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