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David Newcomb, 32, was a victim of a hit-and-run on October 20th. He was riding home from work, he works as a manager at pizza hut, just as he hits his street to get home he gets hit from the back by a driver who just fled the scene. The man in the wheelchair was not injured too badly but the wheelchair was. He claims the wheelchair is $60,000 fix and he wants the one who hit him to pay using insurance. A friend of David has started a GoFundPage to help him reach that huge $60,000. For our fellow wheelchair riders please make sure you're cautious because it can happen to anyone but David was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

gofund me for hit and run survivor

If you do not know what GoFundMe is here is a short explainer, essentially it is a crowdsourcing platform that lets you raise money for special events, challenging circumstances, illnesses, tragedies, and whatever else you can think that you need money rather urgently. In the platform, users can use photos or videos to help raise money for the cause they are trying to raise money for. A few examples are, someone's neighbor has a really bad fever and they need money to pay the medical bills, the last example is a user needing to pay for college textbooks because they do not have income.


hit on the sidewalk

David reminded us to always be aware of our surroundings, it doesn't matter the time of the day and almost anywhere on the street, you can be a victim as well. Look both ways before you cross if there isn't a crossing signal for the pedestrians to use.

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