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Just because you are confined to a wheelchair that does not mean you can't have fun. There is still plenty of fun activities you go out and do and still have a good time and we are going to list 5 different ones you can start doing today.

a fun concert

1. Concerts 

You can attend live music at a restaurant or just a regular concert. It is a great way to lift someone's mood and brighten your day. A lot of music venues have wheelchair "perks" which means you can see the band or the artist very close and maybe meet the performers backstage. Admission is usually free or it's a low sump of money.

fun red movie seating


When you go to the movie theater with a wheelchair it does not matter because you will enjoy the movie just as the same as someone that does not have one. Plus who won't have fun a 3D movie showing? Every theater has special seating for users of wheelchairs so rest assured.

3. Winery tour 

If you love to drink wine then this one is for you. Wine tours are awesome because you can go around trying different wines. Also, many will take you through the vineyard and that alone sounds worth the trip. This is also a great idea for a date if you ever find yourself in need of ideas if you are a wheelchair user.

4. Casino

A casino outing can be a fun night if you gamble here and there. You will interact a lot here with dealers and people that go that night also. You can hit the slot machines or just hit the tables it's your choice. Overall it's a great sensory experience so enjoy it.

fun time bowling

5. Bowling

Almost every bowling arena is wheelchair friendly but to be on the safe side you might want to call ahead of time to be sure. Everyone is guaranteed to have a good time at a bowling alley. After all, you mainly just use your upper body and not your lower body. A backup related to bowling can be to go play mini-golf because most places are big enough to support wheelchairs.

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