For those who have a hard time walking or can’t walk at all, a wheelchair can give you back your mobility. Wheelchair gives freedom to people who can’t walk as a result of an illness, injury or age. It is very difficult if you are bed ridden or you have to be dependent on others. Although a wheelchair gives you mobility, there are other essential supplies that can improve your mobility.

A wheelchair ramp helps you get into and out of your house while in your wheelchair. With ramps you can come and go at any time you want in your ac. There are different kinds of ramps that give you access to a building, your home, vehicle or even from one room to the next.

Important Wheelchair Supplies for Functionality and Support

Easy Access to Inside of House

You can have a ramp custom built for your house or you can get a small ledge ramp from your local wheelchair supply store. You can place the ledge ramp on the stoop of your house where the steps are. This will give the wheelchair easy access into and out of your house.

Another important device is the wheelchair lift. Lifts transport wheelchairs from one location to another. Usually lifts are used for getting wheelchair into and out of vehicles. Lifts allow you to stay seated while you are being transported.

Wheelchairs do need to be repaired occasionally, like any other kind of mechanical device. With this in mind it is important to keep vital wheelchair parts handy like spare tires and handles. For electric wheelchair, back up batteries and charger are essential.

Spoked Wheels vs Plastic Wheels

When it comes to wheels, the ones with spokes are usually lighter however they do require more maintenance. Be sure the wheelchair is properly balanced to avoid tipping. Standard wheelchairs have 2 front and 2 rear wheels, with the rear wheels usually being the larger of the two sets. Having spare front and rear wheels might be a good idea.

Seat cushions are an absolute necessity. A good cushion will give you support to your back and provide you with proper posture. It will also help prevent pressure sores particularly if you sit in your chair for extended periods of time.

Getting the correct wheelchair is the first step to better mobility, having good supplies that offer functionality and comfort are the second and equally important step for better mobility.


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