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Uber, the ride-sharing company that matches riders with drivers by smart-phone app, will now provide connections to wheelchair-accessible vehicles in Philadelphia, Uber said Monday.

Uber has contracted with licensed paratransit drivers who have accessible vehicles, and customers can begin using the service immediately, Uber spokesman Taylor Bennett said Monday.

The announcement comes one day before a legislative committee meets in Harrisburg to consider permitting Uber and other ride-share services to operate in Philadelphia and around the state.

One of the complaints against Uber by Philadelphia taxi operators has been that Uber does not provide wheelchair accessible vehicles. The Philadelphia Parking Authority, which regulates taxis in the city, is issuing 45 medallions for accessible minivan cabs this year, with 150 to be issued over the next seven years.

This is all changing very fast with Lift and Uber having a war on territory and market share.  With both companies having a high value place on the mobility impaired and wheelchair accessible market, it's only a matter of time most of the traditional Taxi companies loose to this fight.  It's very apparent that in times of even pandemic situations, i.e. COVID 19, we see that these companies with deep pockets will continue to push the their positioning when the market does come back.  Who should win?

Does the larger companies actually have the mobility impaired in mind?  How can they be responsible to the public?  We want to make sure that they are kept to their word.  Time and time again, we see companies falter to profit.  Profit is important. But is it the main thing?  Should these companies keep the bottom line as their only interest?  Or should they really make sure that every vehicle is wheelchair accessible?

Moreover, it is good to note that we must keep our voice heard.  We must show the public what is needed.  Just like George Floyd.  The voices get heard when people come together.  We see change every day.  The changes of people protesting.  The changes of word getting into the street.  Wheelchair users must also have more access.  In addition to change, it needs to be regulated.  Another way of regulation is not only through law.  It can be through other 3rd parties.

We see this through policing now. You must be hear and your vote must count.  Send an email to if you have an option.  It counts and it's important. . Moreover, it's the right thing to do.

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