What type of wheelchair for the elderly do I need?

Wheelchair Buying Guide for Elderly Parents

Elderly people sometimes need specialty wheelchairs for the elderly. If you are looking for a wheelchair for your elderly parent, or grandparent, you need a wheelchair that can be easy to use indoors and in getting out of the house. Wheelchairs for the elderly can make visiting outside the home or a road trip safer and easier.

Types of Wheelchairs for Elderly

Wheelchairs for the Elderly

Wheelchairs that are made for the elderly are typically light in weight and are very easy to use. Chairs for the elderly are usually foldable, which means that they are not rigid. If they are foldable, it is because an elder user may need higher ease of foldability and storage. Wheelchairs come in many different styles and shapes.

Wheelchair users and assistance for elderly passengers?

Light manual wheelchairs are the most popular type of chairs available today. They can range in weight from 12 pounds to 45 pounds. Ultra light wheelchairs are the lightest type of wheelchairs you can buy. Heavy duty or bariatric wheelchairs are the type that can weigh up to 45 pounds. Most of these wheelchairs are foldable which can be helpful for travel. Custom wheelchairs are sometimes necessary for users with particular health conditions or mobility limitations. For example, a person who has had a heart attack may not be able to self-propel, in this type of case caregivers are necessary for optimal daily life. If you need a customized wheelchair, be prepared to pay a hefty price since they are tailored to your needs and body type, the price matches the need for this type of chair.

What Wheelchair is The Most Compatible For Me?

How to Pick a Wheelchair for an Elderly Parent should primarily depend on how the equipment will be used, and the particular limitations of the user. Some users must use battery powered chairs because of mobility limitations. Power wheelchairs are battery powered and can be controlled by the use of a control pad or joystick featured on the arm or frame of the chair. Some users prefer to own 2 different types of wheelchairs, one is used for indoors and getting around the house. This type of wheelchair would be a manual wheelchair to be used indoors. The other wheelchair would be used for outdoor trips and travel, a user may decide to go with a power wheelchair, or a transport manual wheelchair. Depending on the condition of the user, they may also require a shower wheelchair for health purposes.

Do I Require a Wheelchair for the Elderly?

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