One of the biggest hurdles the elderly face is the regression of their mobility. Mobility can be limited and affected by injury, illness, surgery, and the natural deterioration of the human body. Some people seem to physically age faster than others; this may be due to lifestyle choices such as not eating healthy, or never exercising.

Experts say that we lose a certain amount of muscle every year that we never get back. Caregivers around the globe will tell you that because of this loss of mobility, some individuals will suffer from a diminished quality of life on an everyday basis.

Increasing Mobility

If mobility can be affected in a positive way, you can increase the probability that the elderly individual will once again live a rich and independent life. There are many ways to affect an individual in a positive way when it comes to mobility needs.

Walkers and canes are the first one I will be explaining when it comes to mobility devices that can aid the elderly. Walkers come in a variety of styles and sizes; the most common is the wheeled-walker. This used to not be the case, before wheeled walkers, there was walkers that the user had to lift every time they needed to move.

This was harsh on their arms and legs as the position that they needed to be in order to be able to propel forward was not ergonomically correct.


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