Every wheelchair has a different purpose and use and the reasons for using any type of wheelchair can vary widely. House wheelchairs are designed so that the user can easily maneuver around the house or any indoor space. They need to be able to make tight turns. There are several different models of indoor wheelchairs, but they will either fall into the manual or power category. What is a House Wheelchair

Manual House Wheelchair 

Manual house wheelchairs are use by those who have the upper body strength to propel themselves. However, upper body strength is quite enough; the user also has to be coordinated so that they can sit in the wheelchair comfortably. Manual house wheelchairs sometimes known as indoor wheelchairs should only be use for indoor purposes. Manual house wheelchairs are different from regular wheelchairs, they are almost flipped. The house wheelchairs have the bigger wheels at the front and the small wheels at the back. With the bigger wheels being up front, the length of the chair is a bit shorter compared to regular wheelchairs. The shorter length makes the house chair more maneuverable in tight spaces. The user’s feet can be parallel to the floor because footrests are optional on these chairs.

Power House Wheelchair

For individuals who don’t have adequate upper body strength, a power wheelchair is the next best option. Power wheelchairs use battery powered electric motors for propulsion. They have 3 different kinds of wheel drives: front, mid and rear. Mid is probably the most appropriate for indoor use. Mid-wheel drive power chairs have 6 wheels. One pair of smaller wheels is at the front and another pair at the rear of the wheelchair. In the middle between the smaller wheels is a pair of bigger wheels.  Mid-wheel drive is great when having to make tight turns and they also have better traction. Even with these power chairs, the upper body must be able to balance itself. Therefore, if your disability doesn’t allow you to balance yourself, this type of chair would not be a good option. Also they are not suited for rough or uneven terrain and are best suited for indoor use only.  

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