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Disabled Sports USA


The Backstory

People with a disability sometimes tend to have lower confidence disabled Sports  helps improve the lives of wounded warriors, the youth, and adults. The event envisions for it to provide national leadership and opportunities for anyone with a disability to develop three important key traits. The first one is independence, when you participate it helps you realize how much more independent you really are. The second one is confidence, it also helps raise its participant's confidence because everyone's confidence raises when they are in a competitive mood. The last trait is fairly obvious which is fitness, it's a sports event so fitness is a great factor yet it revolves around it. You can achieve all these through participation through community sports, recreation, and educational programs. They had one goal since the year 1967 which is to improve the lives of adults, youth, and wounded warriors. If you do not know what a disability is it's someone with a visual impairment, amputation, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, head injury, cerebral palsy, other neuromuscular and orthopedic conditions, autism and other intellectual disabilities that are related. Disabled Sports USA serves 60,000 youth, wounded warriors, and adults. In total, they have 120 community chapters in more than 40 states across the whole United States. They offer more than 50 different sports which most people can't think of 10. That is a huge selection that people with disabilities can choose from. You can see a short video that explains the impact of the event by participants themselves. Here is the link. Also, a link to the actual website will be included here if you wish to read more detailed information.

Adaptive Sports

Adaptive sports are made for people with disabilities. They are designed to allow modifications that are necessary for people to participate. Many of the sports use a classification system which happens to put athletes with physical challenges on an even playing field with each other. The most common ones are, archery, basketball, boccia, canoeing, cross-country, curling, cycling, downhill skiing, equestrian, fishing, golf, hand cycling, hiking, hunting, kayaking, martial arts, mountain biking, paddling, rafting, rock climbing, running, sailing, scuba, skateboarding, sled hockey, snowboarding, snowshoeing, strength training, surfing, swimming, tai chi, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, water skiing, wheelchair racing, and yoga. If you want to learn more information on each individual sport the link will be here. Some of the sports that are offered through the even many did not know they existed which makes it much more exciting! Make sure to keep up to date on their website to find where they are going to live stream when the event takes place and you can see all the different sports unfold. Dr. Abu B. Yilla does a TEDx talk regarding this and it will give you a very good insight into his perspective and the link will be here.


When you visit the website they have, they give you the option to search using your favorite which will result in the location of where the sport will take place. For example, you will not find snowboarding in Los Angeles California instead you will find it more likely to place in BIg Bear Califnoria where they actually have snow, not like LA where there is barely even rain. The website even showcases a map to help the user identify the exact location if they need it. If you wish to see if a sport is taking place near your location you can choose the stat you live in if it appears on the screen when you click on the plus icon and after that, you see a couple of cities that have dropped underneath. Click on the city that you wish and it will direct you to a page of the info on sports that will take place.

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