K1 Wheelchair – Basic wheelchair

K0001 is a “K-code” that is associated with the classification system that is used to properly assign eligibility for a user to bill for their insurance. This refers to wheelchair related components that are user may require for daily living.

The most basic code assigned to a wheelchair is the K1 designation. This type of wheelchair is noted as being the basic option for a user. Basic can refer to a chair that is the bare necessity when it comes to wheelchairs. It does not have any outstanding features; there is no frame adjustment or modifications to the frame.

Usually this type of chair will be made of steel because aluminum cannot be used because of such a low mark up on the final product. These chairs weigh about 36 pounds on an average and do not include leg rests/footrests. The common seat to floor height is usually somewhere between 19 to 21 inches tall.

The user that would require a chair like the one explained above, would be someone who is able to propel the standard weight of a chair, they would generally not be affected by functional or postural issues. The user would not require anything more than a basic functional chair, with no customizations and no adjustments made to the chair.


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    KN-800T – 39 lbs

    $276.00 $145.00
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    KN-700T – 39 lbs

    $276.00 $149.00
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    LT-800T – 34 lbs

    $288.00 $89.99
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    LT-700T – 36 lbs

    $288.00 $169.00

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