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Universal Replacement Seat Cushion

For S-ERGO 100 Series

Whether you have a regular wheelchair, Ergo model or 100 series wheelchair, you can get an S-ERGO replacement or newly ad on for your wheelchair.  The Aegis treated anti-microbial seating system has a lot of benefits.

aegis treated wheelchair cushions Karman ultra lightweight wheelchair at amazon

The Aegis Treated Anti-microbial Wheelchair Cushion is perfect for individuals with mild support and positioning needs. It is designed to provide increased comfort and support using a machine washable and breathable material adding to the firmness of foam. It is great aid for those who are able to perform their own weight shift for pressure relief.

Why use Aegis Wheelchair Cushion?

  • Velcro No-slip bottom and back
  • Tempered polyurethane foam
  • Breathable, water-repellent mesh fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Easily attachable and removeable
  • Anti microbial
  • Designer style and color
  • Adds flair

US-S115 – removable upper seat for 105 & 115 18” AEGIS Coating

US-S115N – removable upper seat for 105 & 115 16” AEGIS Coating

US-S115W – removable upper seat for 115W 20” AEGIS Coating

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