CALL NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION: (626) 581-2235 free-wheelchair-header   Do you have mobility problems? How would you like to get a free wheelchair? How about even a free powered wheelchair? You should consult with your medical insurance provider. Many insurance providers, such as Medicare and Medicaid, pay for wheelchairs if your physician fills out documents or writes a doctor prescribed treatment declaring you need one for medical purposes. The details, obviously, depends on your specific insurance plan. Some medical insurance policies will pay to buy a wheelchair, while some will pay to lease one. It might be dependent on your specific requirements. In case you are going to require a wheelchair long term, insurers might choose to buy instead of rent. Additionally, should you have unique requirements, you might need to have a customized wheelchair, which will need to be bought especially to suit your needs.

Here is more info regarding different funding options for wheelchairs.


It is not possible to get an entirely free wheelchair or free battery operated wheelchair from Medicare. Medicare pays 80% of the price of a wheelchair, therefore you will be accountable for the further 20%. If you have a supplementary medical insurance coverage, it might take care of the additional 20%. If you have Medicaid, it could take care of the additional 20% also. Medicare will pay to lease a wheelchair for 10 months, following that will buy the chair if it is still required and the individual wants to buy it rather than continue to rent it. For Medicare to actually buy a wheelchair, you must need a wheelchair to get about inside the house. They will not buy a chair in case you only require it outside the house. Medicare pays for either a manual wheelchair or a battery powered wheelchair, based on your requirements. They will require a letter from your physician identifying the reasons why you require a wheelchair to get about inside the home. If you require an electrical power wheelchair, the letter will need to demonstrate the reasons you need battery operated chair rather than a manual chair.


Medicaid differs somewhat from state to state due to the fact it is state-run program, not a federal service. However, Medicaid will usually supply a free wheelchair or free battery powered wheelchair in the event such a chair is medically required. For those who have a Medicaid spend down or deductible, however, you will likely need to pay that before getting your chair. Should you not have insurance coverage but you still require a wheelchair, it is well worth making the effort to verify if you are eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid is usually accessible to individuals with lower income, including kids, the aged, and the handicapped. You have to submit an application for Medicaid in the region where you reside. You submit an application at the same location where you apply for Food Stamps. It is normally known as the Department of Social Services or the Department of Human Services or something very similar.

Private Insurance Coverage

For those who have private medical insurance, your plan might or might not cover such things as a wheelchair or free battery operated wheelchair. Check in your insurance policy under “Durable Medical Equipment” and it will confirm what exactly is and is not included. The majority of private health care policies do not give you a free wheelchair, but ; more than likely have to pay a part of the expense.

Get Help from Refund Experts at Medical Supply Retailers

Many medical supply retailers that distribute wheelchairs have refund experts on staff. These refund specialists work alongside Medicare, Medicaid, and medical health insurance companies constantly in order to get subsidy for wheelchairs. They are able to help you understand your insurance plan and determine if you qualify for a free battery operated wheelchair or hand-operated wheelchair and let you know what you need to do so that you can get your insurance provider to pay.  

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