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*Note: The pricing chart above includes pricing and weight information that is based on the average cost of manual wheelchairs, this is by no means an official pricing chart for any type of chair.

Are you in the market for a new chair? If so you’ve certainly noticed how expensive some of these chairs can get to be. You’re probably wondering whether or not the manufacturers in this industry are simply marking up their prices or if the wheelchairs actually cost as much as they do to produce. Well the unfortunate truth is that it is a little bit of both. Wheelchairs can be found for a wide array of prices ranging all the way from one hundred dollars all the way to one thousand. Obviously a good quality wheelchair is going to cost significantly more than its one hundred dollar counter-part.

Cost of Manual Wheelchairs

It all depends on the amount of care that went into producing the chair. The one hundred dollar model was probably not paid attention to was most likely produced in an assembly line. This is one of the key reasons certain wheelchairs cost as much as they do. The wheelchairs made with care were probably made by hand and let’s face it, manual labor isn’t cheap. We’re not even talking about custom made wheelchairs here and the cost of hand-made chairs can reach prices of several thousands.

Pricing of Wheelchairs Compared to Other Chairs

Like you’d expect, very few people actually think about chairs until they need one. This can often cause a huge strain on someone who has been through a very unfortunate event and now has to rely on an external device for mobility. More severe handicaps require power wheelchairs which cost even more money. These devices usually range from $2000 all the way to $15000. The more advanced the technology that goes into the wheel chair is, the more significant the cost is. It is important to understand your specific needs before purchasing a chair because it provides a more accurate price bracket for you to consider when purchasing.

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