If you need a wheelchair because of a recent injury or illness, you might be asking yourself how you can afford a mobility device. There many ways you can get your mobility device without having to break the bank. Below are a couple of ways you can get your power electric wheelchair at a significantly reduced price.

Private Health Insurance

Talk to your insurance company before buying a wheelchair. In certain situations they will cover a part of the cost and the amount will differ from one provider to the next. It is a good idea to get a written copy of what the requirements are so you don’t miss anything.

Some companies will not cover you if you are not checked by a doctor or if you don’t have an important form. Before you send in your claim, be sure you have everything they need.


Medicare will cover a chunk of the cost for your electric wheelchair in some cases. Again you will have to meet their requirements before you can get help from them. For instance, they will not cover an electric power wheelchair that you will only use outdoors, however they might cover the cost if you plan on using it both indoors and outdoors.

You might also need to be examined by a doctor or physical therapist to ensure that a power wheelchair is the best option for your situation. Even if they do give you money towards your wheelchair, they won’t cover the full cost.


They are many non-profit groups who love helping seniors and the disabled. In some cases they might pay for your power wheelchair if you can’t pay for it yourself. Your doctor or closest hospital can help you find the nearest such organization for you.

Other Options

A local business or even your local community might be willing to help. You can have fundraisers like bake sales to raise money. You might also want to visit your bank to see if they will give you a loan for your power wheelchair. There is also the option of buying a used wheelchair or leasing one at a reduced price.

It shouldn’t be a financial burden to get the mobility equipment you require. Use the above suggestions to help you find a financial solution to cover part or all of your wheelchair costs.

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