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Cost Depends On Quality

The cost of a wheelchair can vary depending on whether it’s a manual or motorized chair, and its carrying capacity. The average light-weight wheelchair available on drugstores costs around $100. The cost of manual wheelchairs may vary depending on what material the frame and components are made of, substantial features may also be included in set price, and accessories also factor in the final price of a manual wheelchair. Manual wheelchairs are the type of chair that can be self-propelled by the user to be able to independently travel indoor or outdoor. Some manual wheelchairs, such as transport wheelchairs, are not self-propelled and must be pushed by a companion or caregiver. The cost of a manual chair may depend on your condition and your daily personal needs. Some users need more features than conventional chairs provide, this is a point where you must add additional features or think about buying a different type of wheelchair.

Price Point for Manual Chairs

A low price point for a chair means that the quality and weight of the chair will suffer. Low priced wheelchairs are usually heavier and do not last as long as higher end chairs. A low price is also usually a sign of the wheelchair being heavy for the user and/or companion. The weight of the wheelchair matters if you are propelling yourself or if a caregiver is carrying and pushing the heavy equipment all over the place. This can lead to injuries to both parties involved, which can worsen symptoms and ailments that a user may already have.

Pricing Points for Wheelchairs

Medium price points for a wheelchair are defined in the mid to high hundreds($300-$600 est.). These types of wheelchairs are usually of higher quality and price than low level priced chairs. This type of chair is usually lighter in weight than conventional chairs, and may have more features than cheaper wheelchairs. The cost of a manual wheelchair is a factor when looking around for a wheelchair. Understandably, some potential users will factor in the price of a chair before thinking about anything else regarding the wheelchair. If you are able to afford a high price point wheelchair and you choose a perfect model for your condition, the chair may last you decades and will be one of the best decisions you ever made. High priced point chairs are usually the best type of wheelchair you can find. They are defined by their frame material, the weight of the entire chair, and the features that it has.

Ergonomic Wheelchairs Comparison Chart

Seat Width 16 inch.18 inch. 16 inch.18 inch. 16 inch.18 inch.20 inch. 16 inch.18 inch. 16 inch.18 inch. 16 inch.18 inch. 16 inch.18 inch.
Seat Depth 17 inch. 17 inch. 17 inch. 17 inch. 17 inch. 17 inch. 17 inch.
Armrest Height 8 inch. 8 inch. 8 inch. 8 inch. 9-11 inch. 8 inch. 8 inch.
Seat Height 19 inch. 19 inch. 19 inch. 19 inch. 19 inch. 18 1/2 inch. 19 inch.
Back Height 17 inch. 17 inch. 17 inch. 17 inch. 17 inch. 17 1/2 inch. 17 inch.
Overall Height 36 inch. 36 inch. 36 inch. 36 inch. 38 inch. 36 inch. 36 inch.
Overall Open Width 23 inch.25 inch. 23 inch.25 inch. 23 inch.25 inch.27 inch. 23 inch.25 inch. 24 inch.26 inch. 25 inch.27 inch. 23 inch.25 inch.
Folded Width 12 inch. 12 inch. 12 inch. 12 inch. 12 inch. 15 inch. 12 inch.
Overall Length 39 inch. 39 inch. 39 inch. 39 inch. 43 inch. 38 inch. 39 inch.
Weight w/o 27 lb. 27 lb. 25 lb. 25 lb. 29 lb. 19 lb. 18 lb.
Weight Capacity 250 lb. 250 lb. 250 lb. 250 lb. 250 lb. 220 lb. 220 lb.
Shipping Dimensions 38.5″ L31″ H13″ W 38.5″ L29.7″ H13″ W 33″ L31″ H13″ W 33″ L31″ H13″ W 34″ L31″ H12.5″ W N/A 35″ L30″ H12″ W
Armrest Type Fixed Fixed Fixed Flip Back Flip Back Fixed Fixed
Rear Wheel Size 24″ 24″ 24″ 24″ 24″ 20″ 14″
Footrests Type Fixed Fixed Removable Removable Removable Removable Fixed
MSRP $927.00 $1,199.00 $1,027.00 $1,437.00 $1,227.00 $1,317.00 $1,137.00

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