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Places Within Orange County 

If you are in the orange county or you are just visiting the county then there are different places you can visit that are wheelchair user-friendly. We understand that being in a wheelchair can limit the places you can actually visit. This list is composed of places that are not only free but are also fun places to explore and experience maybe even for the first time. Most of these places are visually appealing so taking a camera of some sort will be a good idea so you can have the memories or you can just use your smartphone.

free Wheelchair user friendly park

1. Yorba Regional Park

 Yorba Regional Park is located in Anaheim within Orange County. The park has paved-like roads so you can ride your wheelchair comfortably throughout the park and they also have four small lakes which you can just sit in front of and admire. The park also connects to the Santa Ana river so you have a nice view of migrating birds and a nice flowing river. Going to a place like this is perfect for taking a DSLR camera. Technically this place is free but you must pay for parking, the parking cost for the park is $3 for weekdays and $5 for weekends. That amount is not much for a visit to a really nice park.

free sherman library and gardens

2. Corona Dela Mar, Sherman Library & Gardens

If you enjoy gardens and reading then this spot is for you. They have 2.2 acres of gardens which are miniature gardens. The patios that they have are connected by brick walkways which are easily accessible by wheelchair users which is helpful in providing a nice view for our wheelchair users. You can visit the place every first Monday of the month to get in for free otherwise it is only $5 and for kids, it is $3 only. If you need to borrow a wheelchair at the facility then they are available. A cafe is open as well daily 10-4 but it is not open on major holidays. 

3. Irvine, John Wayne Airport

If you always wanted an airport tour then this is perfect for you. The main factor to whether you can get a tour is if you accumulate a group of 7 but that won't be that hard because you can always invite friends and family. A volunteer is the tour guide who shows you around and gives you a brief history lesson on how planes fly and also the history of the terminal. This tour is free although you must pay parking fees unless someone you and your companions off. Try to find metered parking because if you are disabled then you do not have to put in the quarters into the machine.

laguna art musuem

4. Laguna Beach, Laguna Art Museum

Nearly every museum is wheelchair accessible and it also includes this one.  It is free every first Thursday of the month during the Laguna art walk. The restrooms are on the first floor which happens to be accessible to wheelchair users. An elevator accesses all three levels of the museum as well. Another helpful thing to know before going is that all the floors are flat and also the entrances so it makes it easier for a wheelchair to be pushed through.   

5. Mission Viejo, Driving Miz Daisy flea market

We have to include a shopping one because we know everyone likes to waste money from time to time. This adventure is completely free which means the wheelchair user will not pay anything unless they buy items from vendors that are there. Parking is free and also admissions is free.  It is located in saddleback college in a flat parking lot and there is people helping carry heavy items to your car and also if you buy something that does not fit in your car then you can have there outside delivery service to deliver it to your house. The flea market includes your vintage style vendors, music, trucks of food, and of course a good time.

Links to every place with more information.

 If you wanted to read more information and possibly contact them directly then the links to the websites will be provided. Don't forget the purpose of this article was to provide useful information for wheelchair users

1. Yorba Reginal Park link is here.

2. Corona del Mar, Sherman library & Gardens link is here.

3. Irvine, John Wayne Airport link is here.

4. Laguna. Laguna Art Museum link is here.

5. Mission Viejo, Driving Miz Daisy Flea Market link is here.


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