Lights for Wheelchairs

Lights for wheelchairs

You can purchase colored and white lights for your wheelchair so that you can stand out from the crowd. There are many types of wheelchair lights available online, some include spoke lights, lights inside tires, and rear lights.


Colored lights

You can buy lights that are colored to add to your wheelchair so that you can look stylish and so that you are visible during the nighttime.


Spoke lights for wheelchair

Lights for your wheelchair wheel spokes can be purchased online, these lights are installed onto the wheel spokes to allow the lights to look like a full circle when you are propelling yourself.


Lights inside the front wheels

You can also purchase lights that are embedded in rubber tires, it is very similar to scooter tire lights and they also look like a full circle when you are propelling the chair.


Rear chair lights

You can place lights on your backrest to allow more visibility when it is dark, so that a pedestrian, bicyclist, or a vehicle can see you at a further distance than without these lights.

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