Those of us who can stand don’t realize the awesome benefits of having this ability. There are natural health benefits from being able to change posture.  If someone has to sit in one position for extended periods of time, health problems can naturally occur. Doctors have documented the benefits of standing equipment in medical journals over the years.

At present, due to Redman Power chair, the world’s best standing wheelchair, even those with spinal cord traumas are able to gain the health advantages of standing upright.

The Health Benefits of Standing Wheelchairs

Physical benefits of Standing Wheelchairs

Urinary Health – Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are prevalent with wheelchair users. But, researchers have found that employing a standing machine or standing wheelchair will significantly reduce UTIs.

Circulation – Altering posture allows the blood to circulate around the whole body. For instance, sitting down in one place will cause the blood to stagnate and cut down blood flow to other areas of the body.

Spasticity – Remaining in one place, like sitting down, could cause muscle spasticity. Switching position will help loosen up the muscles and decrease spasticity.

Bowel Function – Inadequate bowel performance is a regular problem among wheelchair users. But, based on many scientific studies, standing up exercises might substantially improve bowel performance. Even while using a standing wheelchair the outcomes are similar.

Pressure Sores – Pressure sores happen from steady force on one spot of the body. Having the ability to stand upright in a wheelchair assists with the distribution of your body weight and promote healing of bed sores.

Contractures – Sitting down for an extended time might cause the joints as well as muscles to tense up. Standing up allows the muscles to be stretched out and exercised, reducing the level of tightness you feel in joints and muscles.

Bone Density – Certain research reveals that standing Wheelchairs could improve bone density. The reason being that standing up places extra pounds on your bones compared to sitting down.

Psychological benefits of Standing Wheelchairs

Independence – Standing upright is the basis of reclaiming self-reliance. A couple of illustrations are having the ability to get to cupboards, replace light-bulbs, and looking at a reflection at a normal level.

Increased cognition – Improved blood circulation usually brings greater cognition. Standing Wheelchairs can help with some cognitive things like memory and concentration.

Fatigue – Sitting down or lying down for extended periods is a known result in tiredness. Muscle tissue could atrophy and very easily become tired. Standing up helps to workout these muscles groups and minimizes fatigue.

Depression – Depression is usually a result of feeling an absence of control over some circumstances. Therefore it is not surprising why individuals restricted to a wheelchair might experience depression symptoms. But, having the capability to stand up, even with support, will help get back a level of control helping to minimize depression.

Well Being – Wellbeing is considerably improved by utilizing a standing wheelchair. You will be on “an equal level” while speaking or interacting with other people. You can even make eye contact, pose for photos, and hug in a standing position and more.


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